Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Perfectly Imperfect Day

Photo © by dellgirl

From the minute I woke up this morning until this very moment everything has been perfectly imperfect. I didn’t feel super-dooper great - - imperfect. But, I was alive, breathing, able to walk and talk, and I had the use of all my bodily functions, - - perfect.

Imperfect Perfection!

I made my coffee, took it outside to drink it in the backyard, and gave thanks to God for all the blessings he has bestowed on imperfect me. Perfect to the infinite power!

Oh, did I take my morning meds? Ummmm, I forgot. Imperfect! Did I comb my hair? Oooooh, I think I did. I don’t know. What do I need to …

I forgot. It doesn’t matter. Imperfect.

Today was a perfectly imperfect day!


  1. As imperfect as most of our days are, they can be wonderful indeed.

  2. Leona, I love this so much. I've had days like that. Imperfect but yet perfect. I love this. You are looking on the bright side of life. xoxo

  3. Yes Kay, our imperfect days can also be wonderful. We just have to sort and sift to find the good.

  4. You are right Robyn, I am looking on the bright side. It is the only way to find the perfection among the imperfections. I find that is the best way to have a positive experience on any given day.

  5. we also need to appreciate just ordinary day with no major traumas...

  6. And interwoven in all that imperfection are blessings.May you always be aware of your blessing.

    fabulous week to you.

    stay blessed.

  7. This sounds like some of my days off, and I'd like to have one of those soon.

  8. lordy i am always in the middle which for me is Jusst Right :)
    oh darn i am always forgetting my meds !
    have a restful weekend

  9. Yes Lin, we definitely have to appreciate the ordinary days with no major issues .

  10. Thank you rhapsody, you are so right. My imperfections are so full of blessings I can hardly believe it sometimes.

  11. Medeia, it never fails. Days off seem to be the favorite time for imperfections to pop up.

  12. Seeking Serenity I know exactly what you mean about being in the middle. It is the same for me.

  13. Hi Miss Fabulous:
    Just dropped in to wish you a great day and a marvelous weekend.

  14. It has taken me a good part of my life to figure out what you all are writing about but I stopped worrying about perfection when I had a tidal wave of imperfection coming straight at me.
    I have learned that God is the serenity in all that- you just have to look a little more closely to see Him in there. He's there.

    Good write up, Leona !
    You think up thought provoking themes !



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