Saturday, July 25, 2015

What Happened to My Amazing Brain?

I hang up my cell phone, check my directory for my brother’s phone number and write it down on a piece of paper. I call the caller back and give her the number. We hang up and, I think about how technology has changed the way we do things.

I used to have ten or more telephone numbers committed to memory. With the advent of cell phone technology I only have about three phone numbers memorized, my own and two others . Whatever happened to that amazing brain I used to have?

The capability to press one button, enter a name and number, and save it to a device has made me lazy. Not only that, the ability to do one-touch dialing and calling has made a real dummy out of me … and a lot of other people I’ll bet. What’s going to become of our brains?

When all we have to do is press one button and we’re connected to hundreds of people, we have no need to memorize phone numbers. So, what’s the answer to keep from becoming technological dummies, tied to and depending on technology for every little thing?

What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. TOTALLY agree.. I used to know by heart at least 20 numbers but now.. maybe 5..I admit I use a computer a whole lot and if my cell goes missing I am in a panic situation. I think with the high cost of the old fashion land line phones now, so many rely on their cell as their contact number. IT IS their regular phone so we are very attached to them. I always think back to 9/11 and when cells DID NOT work.. we reverted back to land line. I make sure I have a back up of numbers and ways to reach people just in case. This ole mind of my is a jumble sometimes and I admit I need some help. LOL ;-)

  2. The challenge comes in trying to read all the instructions that come with technology and make it work! I haven't tried one touch calling!

  3. Blessings...
    YOu don't use it you loose it, its that simply and that complex. Before cellphone we committed things to memory, now we depend on the phone to keep the memory hence it gets erased from the brain.

    peace love.

  4. I agree, Leona. Only you're better than me. I don't even have MY cell # memorized. It's disturbing, all this techno stuff. I see teens sitting at tables in the food court at the mall texting. They can't really have conversations. It is maddening. But I notice that if my internet is down, I freak out. Ha. Just knowing I can't access sends me into a tizzy. xoxo

  5. My mother is always warning me that my brain is going to pot because I rely on the computer so much.

    I did write a reply on my blog about the properties:

    "I know about the Properties, but didn't know it gave you the actual physical size. I just checked and saw under Dimensions that it is 3648 x 1131. I hope that helps."

  6. I'd like to find some puzzles and brain teasers to make my mind more active in this area. I no longer memorize numbers. Working with children, I find that they don't retain information the way they used to and rely on technology for everything. Adults do too, but because I was an '80s child, I had to do things the long way years ago.

  7. Blessings...
    ducking in to wish you a fabulous week.

    Peace and joy my friend

  8. Blessings my friend.
    Just stopped in to say hello, check on you, let you know you are in my thoughts and to wish you a fabulous friday and a splendid weekend.

    Much love

  9. Girl, I scarcely have 3 numbers memorized!!


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