Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Downsizing Again

I started blogging in 2008 and have been going strong the entire time. One blog led to another and another and another. Soon I had so many blogs, I couldn’t keep up with own myself.

Instead of making all of those blogs and sites public and putting them out there for the search engines, I left a lot of them in draft form. Nobody could access them but me. My intention was to fix them up really nice and publish them. That never happened. 

I have so many things going on these days, it is impossible to focus the way I should and to be truly productive. The last several months with more things to do added on top of an already full plate, it finally dawned on me that I need to get rid of some unnecessary things.

I started two weeks ago to do just that. 

-First, I eliminated several networking sites that I never visit or participate on.
-I deleted a couple of my Blogger blogs that were public but never got much public attention.
-I deleted six blogs from Blogger that remained in draft status and never saw the light of day.
-Then, I unsubscribed from six or seven newsletters I never read.
Yaaa, way to go dellgirl.

The downsizing is going well it has made a big difference already. Now, I don’t have to check on blogs I’m never going to have time to do anything with. I still have quite a bit of de-cluttering to do, going right now to work on that.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I have my human one, Katie has hers, and I di have a Wordpress that I do attend at least once a month. xoxox

  2. Hi - just came here to read your blog. I also have really too many blogs, and they have become cumbersome to update. Perhaps I'll wind some of them down - someday. Good luck with your downsizing!

  3. downsizing is a continuous process...

  4. Wow! You really did have a lot of blogs. I have just this public one on Blogspot. I have another one that is not made public that I only use to test things out on. Other than that, I have a back-up for this blog on Wordpress, juuuust in case something goes wrong.

  5. I downsized a year ago and don't miss the accounts I deleted. It diminishes the online clutter.

  6. blessings...
    "house cleaning huh"
    well whatever you wrote and is in draft you can publish here, since this blogs gets most traffic.

    Yeah....i've downsized and try not to sign up to any other stuff. Like you I still got some cleaning to do.

    have a fabulous day.

  7. Downsizing is always a great thing, Leona! I love that you were able to do that. I need to do it. Now you've inspired me. :-)


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