Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Promise to Myself

It hasn’t been a month yet, but here I am. Yay! There has been so much going on and too much to do around here for the past several months. Truthfully, it’s been pretty intense and hectic since early November last year.

Mama is still here with my brother and me. She will never be 100% again but, she is getting better all the time. She gave us some moments of concern early-on about wanting to go back home. We finally convinced her that she is here for her own good and possibly forever. She doesn’t talk much about going home to stay anymore. Now she just says she wants us to take her back for visits every once in a while. We can do that.

Jace is growing like a wildfire in a drought. He getting taller but he is on the thin side. As busy as he stays, I am surprised he has any weight on his bones at all. I know he has made all of my clothes droop and hang on me from staying on the move so much with him. He is ONE busy little boy!

I spent some time at the park yesterday, it was a much needed ‘get-away’ so to speak. Sitting in the park alone, soaking in the sunshine, and breathing in the cool fresh air was a welcome respite. I have promised myself to do something relaxing and rejuvenating every single day. I feel better just knowing that, I will be looking forward to that “me time” everyday.

What have you been up to lately? Anything fun and relaxing? Okay, gotta go now or I won’t get this finished and posted. 


  1. you sound busy...caring for many. do take time to fill your well daily!

  2. Blessings....
    fun and relaxation is great, nothing like having those young ones to keep you fit and youthful.

    Glad you have your mama close so you can keep and eye on her. Be patient, she is going from independent to dependent, its not an easy transition.

  3. Having ME-time is very, very important. I guess I can count blogging as ME-time.

    I've been awfully busy trying to finish our trip album. I can't wait to have it over and done with so we can move on.

  4. I love going to the park to think and relax.

    I'm glad your mother is getting better.

  5. Blessings...
    Popped in to say a quick hello and wish you a fabulous weekend.


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