Sunday, February 2, 2014

Baby Food to The Rescue

Several weeks ago Jace started rubbing his nose like it was itching from the inside. You know how kids do that. A while later he began to sniff and cough a bit. His mommie had been keeping an eye on the situation, and gave his decongestant medicine.

He didn’t want to eat at lunchtime. Mommie let that pass. When he didn’t want to eat supper, she became concerned and asked for my help. Sometimes he’ll eat for me when he won’t eat for her. He still didn’t want any regular food.

We discussed his lack of appetite and, she asked what I thought we could do. I suggested we try some of the baby food we keep on hand for just this kind of emergency. I asked Jace if he wanted Mangos in a jar, he said yes. He loves those mangos.

Since that worked so well, I decided to push the envelope a tad bit further. I then asked Jace if he wanted some chicken in a jar, and he said yes. Oh goody, I think we’re on to something.

Jace ate every bit of the Mangos and chicken in a jar (as he calls it).

Then, we remembered why we kept a supply of baby food in jars on hand. It had been quite a while since we had to resort to using them for this reason, we had forgotten.

Luckily, we always have a supply of baby food in case Jace loses his appetite and we need to make sure he eats and gets some nourishment.

For those of you who are thinking baby food is for babies and not three year old kids, think about this. There is no difference in a jar of baby food chicken and making a puree from fresh chicken meat. It’s all mashed up meat.  

Has your toddler ever lost his/her appetite? What did you do?  


  1. I don't know what our daughter does. Our granddaughter has to be the pickiest kid around. Oh wait! I remembered something. Oh yes! She did keep a little tin of some kind of baby type ravioli that was one thing KC would eat no matter what. I'm glad you found something for Jace.

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  3. Great solution. They're definitely not just for babies. I've actually fed these to kittens, as long as there's no onion.

  4. Great thinkin' Leona! You are ALWAYS on the ball! They are lucky to have you. I hope Jace is feeling better now. Kids have to have that nourishment to fight infections off and maybe by doing this you didn't have to put antibiotics into his body. Good deal!

    You know, when Jace is a little older he will love the stories that Bish wrote about Anansi. It comes out in paper back in March too. Thanks for always making my day better when you stop by for a visit.


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