Friday, January 10, 2014

A Christmas Surprise!

Photo © 2011 - dellgirl

Christmas has come and gone, January flew in on wings of wind, water, and ice, and here we are. We are already at the end of the second week of January, and time keeps zooming past. I haven’t spent much time blogging here, like you didn’t know that! Life has been really busy since October.  

Jordyn, Jace, and I went home to visit with Mama the day after Christmas. We’d let her know well in advance so she wouldn’t get anxious and would still have something to look forward to…a visit from Jace. He’s such a character, she gets a real  kick out of his antics.   
I called Mama from the (Alabama Coushatta) Indian village to let her know we were on our way. We can’t let her know we’re coming too far in advance, she gets her “Nervous Nelly” personality on and starts obsessing. What time will we be there? What should she go and cook? Is it raining where we are on the road? Watch out for crazy drivers! Is there a lot of traffic? What do we want her to cook? And, on and on and on it goes. Wheeeew!

We pulled up in her driveway, grabbed a few bags, and headed inside. She watched as we made our way from the car to the door, all the while making her way to let us in. Jace walked in first and the two hugged a great big Great Granny hug while Jordyn and I deposited out bags in the den.

We had to navigate through the hallway since the wall was lined with shopping bags, an over-night bag, a big basket of fruit, and other miscellaneous items. What in the world?!

Back in the living room Jordyn and asked almost simultaneously, “What’s all this stuff lined up here?”

Mama: That’s my stuff I’m going home with y’all.

Surprise, Mama’s going home with us! We, or rather I, had no idea!


  1. I love it! What fun. Sound like your mom has a mind of her own.

  2. now you'll be busier than!

  3. Blessings...
    I guess mama done told you!

  4. blessings.....
    ducked in to wish you a splendid weekend


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