Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Road Trip to Jasper

Jordyn and I took a road trip to Jasper over the weekend for a surprise visit with Mama. We stopped by Kroger before leaving the neighborhood to pick up a few goodies to have on hand when we got there.

I decided on Kroger’s mouth-watering delicious rotisserie chicken and ready-made Caesar’s salad so Mama wouldn’t have to cook or do anything but sit back, relax and eat something already prepared. She’s a ‘feeder’ and goes on and on with the …’there’s some goo-lash in the fridge, or some pot-luck and cornbread on the stove, and there’s plenty of zuu-zuu’s in the freezer. If I bring it all she has to do is enjoy it.

We pulled into the driveway and exited the car. I rang the doorbell and waited long enough for her to struggle herself from whatever chair or bed she happened to be comfortably nestled in. No answer. I rang the bell again and waited, still nothing. I did that three times before I remembered it was 5:30 pm and she was probably already in bed.

I whipped out my cell and called her on the phone, “Hey Mama, it’s me, DellGirl. Come open the front door, I’m out front.”

She laughed and played around a minute or two thinking I was joking with her. Finally, she made her way to the door and let me in, so surprised she was almost speechless, which is rare for Mama. After a giant gut-crushing hug we let go and moved from the front door to the living room. 

I put my things away and we chatted and yakked and did some serious catching up on the happenings of the past week. We are both ‘munchers’ so I made us a small plate of warm rotisserie chicken and fresh Caesar’s salad with a nice cold soft drink to wash it down. Dessert? Red Velvet mini-cupcakes filled with real cream cheese, topped with rich cream cheese icing & cake crumb topping. Oh, how sweet it is!

Well, here’s Jace wanting MiMi to play ball with him. I’ve gotta go now!

There’s more blabbering and munching to the story, I’ll save that for another time. We had a really nice visit and enjoyed ourselves a whole lot. Jordyn and I left Sunday afternoon, headed back to the city and the busy-ness of day to day life. 


  1. blessings....
    always good to stop in and get some love from mama. Hey how come you don't have a key to her place if she's your mama?

  2. Girrrrl, Mama was locked up on the INSIDE...deadbolts, chains, bulldogs, python snakes, automatic mace and everything else behind the door. Plus, Mama is packing heat. It pays to let her know you're out there.

  3. at least you know she's safe...lol!

  4. Awww.. This is so wonderful, Leona. Your photo of the chicken and salad made me want to have some right now. And it's so healthy! Yum!

  5. Leona, you have made me very hungry with that pic. Mmmmmmmm! Hahaha, your mama sounds like my kinda gal! Love her hugs. :-)


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