Tuesday, August 6, 2013


My Poor Forsaken Blog

Here it is August already and I realize that I am not really blogging like I need to be or like want to be. This poor blog probably feels like a jilted-lover, so so sad.

I’m thinking, I need to create the time to blog instead of waiting until it’s a good time. Usually when I’m busy engaged in some other task I’ll think about it. Then, I put it off just to do one little thing, or until after I do xyz. I always say I’ll do it later. Later never comes.

I never completely stopped blogging, just became a once a month or once in a blue moon blogger. That doesn’t really feel good but, I am literally swamped and sometimes it’s utterly impossible to blog. So, I just play the hand I’ve been dealt the best I can.

I often think about getting back on track and being consistent with posting to my blog.  First I need a plan, any ideas anybody? Ideas and suggestions are welcome. I need all the help I can get.

I think if I commit to blogging at least once a week that would be a good start. Maybe if I put blogging at the TOP of my daily ‘to-do’ list that would help. Or, I could set a time (like 8:00 pm) and blog in the early evening hours instead of doing whatever else it is keeping me so busy at that time. That might do the trick. What do you think?

I look forward to your suggestions. Thank you in advance good friends.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Gosh! I don't know if you can force yourself to post. You should just do it when you want to. Funny that I should say that since I was forcing myself to post everyday. Now that I'm doing it only on the weekdays, I keep coming up with more ideas to write. Sigh... I don't know.

  2. do some writing in your journal about why you want to blog-maybe it doesn't need to be a priority at this time of your life. I'm trying to blog not daily but often...

  3. HI.. back in the MSN Spaces days I used to blog once a day with Dial Up..it took forever to load it but I did it. There was much to talk about and explore. I think that now with everything at lightning speed on our phones and Facebook we just don't go back to the old stand-by way of doing things. People don't interact on blogs like they used to.It takes time to blog and some just don't have it anymore. You can blog weekly like I have tried to do and have it linked to your Facebook account. You may get some readers but it's just not like it used to be. I commend you for thinking about ways to make time to do it.I won't ever leave blogging completely but must admit for one reason or another it is just not a priority anymore. Nice to get an update from you..Miss the old days!

  4. I think women writers struggle with this issue much more than men because the way we do our fifty jobs in a day often has to be so flexible. Guess what gets pushed off to the side. Sadly, our writing. Concentrate on being as inflexible in your writing schedule as you can- taking every necessity into consideration and then just like a job- be there on time !
    It works MOST of the time for me ! I still struggle for my time to write.
    Good post !

  5. Thanks, Kay. You're right about forcing myself to blog. It hasn't worked so far, so it probably won't work in the future.

  6. Lin, thank you for taking time to respond. I tried the journal route, that ended with me waiting to do one more thing...like blogging.

  7. Heeeeey, CarolDee! It's so good to see you, I'm really glad you stopped by to say hello. Thank you for taking time to read and for the lovely comment.

    You're right about People not interacting like they used to. FaceBook and Twitter have changed the way people connect -- lightening fast.

    Hope to see you again soon.

  8. Evelyn, thanks for coming by and taking time to comment. I like your perspective... 'Concentrate on being as inflexible in my writing schedule as I can'.

    Very interesting. That gives me something to think about.

  9. Sweet friend, just sit down after your coffee and type the thoughts of the morning in for us. Takes 10 minutes tops. xoxox


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