Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

It’s another bright sunny Monday in Houston. The sun hovers high in the sky, ‘hotly’. It’s not even noon yet and it’s already HOT, sweating buckets kind of HOT!

Leaves are falling, turning brown, teasing us with unfulfilled promises of autumn’s gentle breezes. Alas, autumn’s cool crisp days are just a dream away.

Everybody here is in ‘chill-mode’, lazily basking in the afterglow of the weekend just past. Most are resting (whenever possible) relaxing, preparing for tomorrow’s routine of traffic, work, external time demands, traffic, and the exhaust-filled commute home.     

Me? I vacillate between doing as much nothing as humanly possible and/or doing a few computer related things that must be done. Paying bills is high on the list of things to do and so is visiting cyber friends to catch up on your latest happenings.  So far, neither of those things has gotten done. Oh well…!

I hope you had a good and restful weekend. Mine was nice, really nice.

Happy Labor Day to all! Enjoy the rest of your day and tonight.


  1. I love holidays with nothing special needing to be done. took a long nap this afternoon while hubby watched golf!

  2. Doing nothing is good! I can't wait for cooler weather too. Nice to see you!

  3. Blessings my friend. ....
    Right back atcha, i trust all is well with the fam?

  4. Time seems to fly faster and faster! It's making my head spin. We've got another trip lined up and we're trying to organize for it. Arrrrghhhhh...

  5. I was actually born on Labor Day so this is definitely my holiday. It puts the word into a whole different context and not without humor, huh? The drawback this year is that my sister asked if it was my birthday on the wrong day because it's actually on the fifth. I think she was a little embarrassed. I love the change in weather but it sounds like you're into hotter weather than we are now. Good to see something from you.

  6. I love holidays! Its time to take a break from work. Rest and relax at its finest.
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  7. Labor day is good. Everytime when there's a coming holiday, I always feel excited!


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