Monday, April 23, 2012

Lessons From a Plant

Last March 2011, I ordered four mosquito plants from an out of state mail-order nursery. They looked so pretty in the catalog, I couldn’t resist. And, since I am total mosquito bait, I jumped at the chance to purchase something to keep the pesky little buggers away. Yaaa, I’m going to be “mosquito-free” for change.

When the plants finally arrived on May 20th I was as happy as a ‘hog-in-slop’. Sniggling giggling and itching to tell somebody about my prize, I opened the package. (Sigh) 

My happiness quickly turned to disappointment at the sight of the puny little pitiful looking things I found inside the package.

Rant time! I fussed and fumed and got all bent out of shape for a good little while. How dare they mis-lead people like that!? That’s a crying shame, fooling folks into buying something then sending them this junk. Okay enough already, I decided to go ahead and put the sickly little souls in pots. What did I have to lose?

Every day I watered, waited, fussed and fumed some more. What was I thinking? Did I really believe I would get that huge lush green beauty of a plant they advertised in the catalog? Well, yeah. Might need to call an attorney, that fringes on false advertising. Huh, they can’t do that to people.

I kept watering and waiting, sometimes fussing sometimes not. The mosquito plants took hold and began to perk-up a bit. That was promising, maybe they’ll be alright. Yes, this just might work out. By the end of May they looked almost like they had a fighting chance.

Early in June I stopped griping, they started to look so much better. By mid June I was a happy camper again, my mosquito plants were holding their own, looking like real cute baby mosquito plants. I started to look on the bright side and, forgot all about bad-mouthing the company. I put my efforts towards keeping my little mosquito plants alive and healthy.

My little darlings made it to and through the summer during the worst drought I have ever lived through in my life. It was a struggle but, we made it. And, by March 2012 my mosquito plants are a sight to behold!

I saw it coming but, I wasn’t quite sure what “IT” was. March 26, 2012, I stepped outside to a totally new look on my babies. Blossoms, blooms, flowers and, an awesomely ‘decked-out’ mosquito plant greeted me. The beautiful lilac flowers nestled sweetly inside lush green foliage seemed to whisper softly…

…“Thank you, Mama, for taking such good care of us. Here is a gift from us to you for all your loving patience. Enjoy!”

Lessons learned:
  • Never order plants through the mail again
  • Visit  local nurseries so I can see what I am actually getting
  • Don't jump the gun and get all bent out of shape right away
  • Change my attitude and do something positive instead of fussing
  • Be patient!


  1. lots of lessons to learn, I'd say you got your money's worth...

  2. Those are good lessons indeed. It seems I'm learning that quite a few things require patience and looking at the positive first instead of fussing.

  3. I went to the nursery last week. For veggie plants. Plus seeds. Now it's time to grab some flowers. I agree about the mail order thing. Leona, I been there done that and learned a lesson too. *wink* Great to see you!

  4. P.S. I added you to my blog roll. (((hugs)))

  5. Thank you for the visit...You did an amazing job with those little plants and it is one I have never heard of is disapointing when you order sight unseen and it doesn't look anything like that...Michelle

  6. Fantastic! I was wondering what those mosquito plants would look like. My mom had those same plants in Hawaii a long time ago. I think they worked. She used to put sprigs of them in the room when we came to visit.

  7. Blessings.....
    The victory is in the lessons learnt. That is why the plant came, to bring you through the journey and the lessons.

    See how God works?|

    Stay blessed.


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