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Steps in the Publishing Process

Self-Publishing for Beginners (con't): Part III

What is it and Why Self-Publish?

Self-publishing is printing a book or other type of work yourself instead of going through a publishing company. It is different from regular publishing in that there is no traditional publisher. It simply means that you take control entirely of your book - you retain 100% copyright to your book, you keep all the royalties, you decide which book store you'd like to target – “YOU KEEP CONTROL OF YOUR BOOK”.

Self-publishing is not a last resort for authors. In today's tough economy, self-publishing your own book could help increase your cash flow.

Publishing Your Book

Today's world of publishing is dominated by larger commercial houses that ignore works which don't have mass appeal. Large book publishing companies have such high overhead costs they must sell at least 10,000 copies of a book to break even.

Self-publishing is now more practical and affordable than ever before. It is now possible for self-publishing authors to produce their books in low volumes, allowing them to see if the market takes to the author's book. Self-publishing might be a bit of a challenge, but you will reap the rewards and benefits it offers.

Steps in the Publishing Process

The first step in the book publishing process is to educate your self. Step two is to prepare your files for print. Step three is the actual printing of your book. The fourth step is distribution. Distribution is almost as important as the first three steps combined. Book distribution is not the same as marketing.
Well! That's it for Part III. Did you find any thing helpful? What would you like to have more information on?
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If someone offered you money, say $5,000.00, for your book/story including all rights...would you sell it? Why? Why Not?
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  1. It's the step 3 - marketing/distribution- that turns me away from the notion of self publishing. I've known people with boxes and boxes of their book sitting in the garage. I couldn't do it. Still, I know others do and that's ok, too.

  2. might want to talk about getting an ISBN number. I'm self publishing and plan to sell my book locally. My next volume I may put it in bookstores with an isbn number.

  3. I think self publishers are really dedicated and motivated individuals. It's great of you to post this information.


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