Thursday, July 2, 2009

Last Week Was A REAL Trip!

Mahnnn, when I tell you last week was a real trip, believe me! It was some trip! Not convinced? Well, grab your seatbelts and hang on. Imagine you’re riding shotgun with Jordyn at the wheel in the Indy-500 finals and you know what you have to do.

Sunday, Father’s Day: I got up extra early to cook dinner. Finished by noon.

12:45 - went to help a dear friend pack for moving.

2 pm – took a truckload of boxes and containers to their storage, back to their house at 2:15. More packing, sorting, and storing.

4 pm – back to the house they’re moving to, unpack the truck, arrange and stack their personal items.

7 pm – we’re finished packing for the day. At home I jump in the shower, eat a nice leisurely bite, and prepare to settle down for the night.

9:45 pm – I drag my tired weary body to bed hoping to drop off to sleep in a flash, didn’t happen. I wriggled and twisted exhaustedly trying to get comfortable.

By 10:30 pm - my body finally decided to cooperate and I settled in to a pleasant and peaceful slumber. I think I heard myself begin a soft gentle snore.

11: 15 pm – the sudden ringing of the telephone startled me awake from a sound steady sleep. It’s my longtime neighbor from my old neighborhood.

Neighbor: “Shank, baby [she calls everybody baby and honey] I hate to call this late but, Carl had a massive heart attack early this morning. I just wanted to let you know because he’s not doing too good. The doctors didn’t expect him to make it through the day but, he did and he’s just laying there.”

More conversation, I grieve with her over the phone and, promise to see them both soon.

Monday June 22nd – Another neighbor from the old neighborhood called to tell me Carl had passed. Later Mrs. Carl called to give me details for Carl’s visitation and funeral.

Tuesday Jun 23rd – I talked to Mr. DellGirl at 11:00 am to give him the details so he could plan his work and his comings and goings leaving time for the wake and funeral. He heard, understood, and agreed with me - for a change.

1:00 pm – Mr. DellGirl called to say those plans I made earlier had changed. His mom and our nephew had just been involved in a car accident and were being taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Me: “OH, good lawdy! What!? When!? Where!? What happened???”

Mr. DellGirl: “Calm down, calm down. They promised me over the phone they were okay. You just calm down and I’ll keep you posted.”

Me: “Okay, you be sure to let me know.”

Time to burn up the phone lines I call sister-in-law #1. No answer. Call other nephew. No answer. Call niece. No answer. Call sister-in-law #2. Finally I reach a live person. She says the same as Mr. DellGirl, Mom-in-law and nephew said they’re okay.

3:00 pm – Sis-in-law #2 calls to say she’s going to see for herself if everyone is really fine and, asked if I want to ride with her. Yes, I do.

6:45 pm – We hit the highway headed to the East Texas Piney Woods to check on family.

Everyone is fine, just like they said. We visit a bit and, I take a short trip across town to pay a surprise visit to my mom. Mom and I had a good unexpected visit.

Now that we know everyone is really okay, we hit the highway back to Houston.

Wednesday June 24th - 2:00 am. We’re back in Houston, to bed to rest, and hopefully to sleep.

Mid-day: Mr. DellGirl prepares for a routine doctor’s appointment at the VA

Thursday June 25th. I washed and pressed my hair, which is an all day job. Finished about 4 pm. God finally saw fit to give me all this hair now that I’m past the age of trying to be cute all the time. We cooked dinner, fried chicken, French fries, salad, and iced tea. Did a bit of paperwork then went to bed.

Friday June 26th. Spent the day putting together outfits for the mister and myself for the wake and funeral. Wake at 7 pm tonight. Funeral at 1:00 pm tomorrow.

Saturday June 27th. We meet at Mrs. Carl’s house to ride in the funeral procession with her. Arrive at the church and the funeral proceeds and proceeds and proceeds. Out at 3:45 pm.

We stopped by the meat market on the way home to get something to cook.

At home we get comfortable, cook dinner, eat, and settle down to relax. Finally - to bed.

Sunday June 28th. 9:00 am

“Huh? What? What time is it, what day is it? What do you mean, get up? I’m not moving. Ummm…back to sleep. To rest rejuvenate and -- do nothing.”

WHAT a week, I hope I don’t have another one like that for many years to come!


  1. Oh good gracious, Leona! When you said you had a busy week, I didn't realize it was emotionally draining as well. You are obviously a good friend and dearly loved neighbor. Take care and get some rest. You never know what the next week will bring.

  2. Wow, when it rains it pours! So sorry to hear of your friend passing -- glad all was well in the end with the auto accident, sheesh! Here's wishing you peace and quiet and rest.

  3. everything that happens we can learn from and write about...what a week you have had.

  4. Thanks for following my blog and for leaving comments. I just left a comment on yours but don't know where it disappeared to.

  5. Aw, so sorry to hear of your friend. God be with his wife and family too. So thankful the car accident wasn't something horrendous. Man, what a week! Have a great 4th! R&R. :)

  6. I, unfortunately, know exactly how that can be. It's time for some real rest, huh? I'm sorry to hear about your friend passing and hope his family is doing well. I'm glad that your family made out okay in the accident. Hopefully you're having a restful and fun weekend.

  7. Holy SMOKES, girl! I'm stressed out and exhausted reading about it.

    I am so pleased that the accident wasn't more serious, and add my best wishes to the family of your friend. And to you.... you've been through a LOT this past week.


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