Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gone Fishing

That's what they used to say when they were going to be away
from the Country Store for a while.
I'm gone ... of a different sort.

"Gone Writing"

I hope you're having a nice time, enjoying yourselves and keeping out of trouble.
I'll see you as soon as I can.

Enjoy your day and have a Happy Thursday!


B.J. Anderson said...

Have fun writing!!

Litgirl01 said...

Hehe!! Good luck!! ;-)

Lin said...

good for you. i'm writing too-trying to get some entries ready for a contest...

Kay said...

Have a good time, Leona!

Robyn said...

You go girl. When you get back there is an award for you at my blog. :)

mom/caryn said...

As they say in the theater, "Break a Leg"... Sounds divine... well, except for the "keeping out of trouble" part. How can I develop good story lines that way?

Herrad said...

Happy writing.

Hope you it was good writing time.