Thursday, May 7, 2009

Copyright © and Other Symbols

Did you know you can easily produce the copyright symbol © using your keyboard? Other symbols you can produce that are not readily available on the keyboard are ® the TradeMark symbol and the £.

In order to make these symbols you must use the numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard. The numbers on the top row of your keyboard will NOT work. First, activate the numeric keypad by pressing the "NUM LOCK" key.
Next enter the sequence of numbers while holding the Alt key down. You MUST enter the beginning zero along with the other numbers in the sequence.
Below are a few common symbols not found on the keyboard and how to make them.

#number - - - Symbol produced - Hold the Alt key down while entering the numbers

0169 - - - - -©

0174 - - - - -®

0163- - - - -£

0191 - - - - -¿


Lin said...

thanks for helpful hints

B.J. Anderson said...

Thanks for the tip!

Davin Malasarn said...

I love stuff like this! Thanks for posting it. I usually work on a laptop, so I don't have the number pad. But, just knowing it exists makes me happy.

Kay said...

Oh wow! What fun! Thanks for sharing this. I'd like to know how to get a cents sign.

Michelle McLean said...

I was actually trying to figure out how to make the copyright symbol the other day! :) thanks!! :D