Friday, May 1, 2009

3 Beautiful Ladies

Meet the witty and charming Teachersays who blogs about (in her own words) "Stuff from the head of a retired teacher, daughter, sister, wife, mother, and grandmother." Visit TeacherSays, you'll be glad you did. She is another friend who makes my day.

Then there's, Mare who introduces herself this way, "Glinda is a leftie who is completely in her right mind. Her blog is intended to be a flo-ing series of musings and 'thoughts of the day' that should make you smile." Know what? She's right, she will make you smile. Find her at Zoaring With Glinda.

Meet Petula, at A Woman's World, she is a warm friendly cyber-pal. Petula is a freelance writer and mom who makes it seem like 'a piece of cake'. We know it's not but, read her blog to see for yourself. She is dynamic and powerful at It's a Woman's World.

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Kay said...

You are really terrific to network everybody! Good for you! By the way, I love the photo I get to see now everytime I get a comment from you. It's great to be able to picture you, dear cyberfriend.