Friday, May 1, 2009

Meet Caryn

Say hello to my friend: Mom/Caryn

Another wonderful blogger friend is Mom/Caryn. She writes beautiful poetic posts about everyday things like clothes spinning in the dryer or arranging silk flowers. Her posts warm your heart, make you smile, chuckle, and laugh.

Caryn's profile says she is a realtor but, you wouldn't know it by reading her blog. Her everyday post reads like poetry. Each one flows like a sonnet from the pen of a published author. She is a writer and poet whether she strives to be one or not.

Visit Caryn at her wonderful blog, HollowThoughts, you'll return again and again for the sheer joy of reading her inspirational and moving poetic posts. Once Caryn commits her thoughts to print, it is mesmerizing.

Thank you, Caryn. You are a dear friend.


  1. yep, she's the best and my BFF. I've been telling her for years what a great writer she is and now the secret is out of the bag when she starting blogging.

  2. Oh yes! You're writing about some super wonderful people! I agree with you on all of them.


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