Friday, November 7, 2008

Resource Review

In an effort to provide helpful resources for writers, authors, and publishers I often find links to sites that look promising. Friday October 31's post contained several interesting links from refdesk.

Cliche Finder and are two sites I visited personally. They both deliver what they promise. At the Cliche Finder site, you type in the word you want to find a cliche for, and you are provided a list of all cliches containing that word. Some of the lists are very extensive while others have only a few cliches connected to the word. states: "Finding what you're looking for is As Easy as Pie: To find a cliché or saying you can search ClicheSité.com or choose from a list of categories." True to its word, you can find what you are searching for either way. Their lists of cliches also contain the country of origin for the cliche.

Not interested in cliches but need other wirting resources? Go to

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