Sunday, November 30, 2008

Comments on Writing Numbers

This is in response to my previous post on Rules for Writing Numbers. Thank you Lin, Caryn, and Kay for your encouraging words. I always look forward to what you guys have to say. No, Caryn, you do not have to (follow any rule you don't want to follow), your writing is perfect just the way it is. I never need to 'sift' because you paint in bold bright red colors with your words. The same is true for Kay and for Lin.

I provide the tips and rules for new and aspiring writers looking for assistance. I also do it for anyone who might simply need a quick reference to refresh their memory.

Here is a special thank you to Jane Straus, Author of THE BLUE BOOK OF GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION for taking the time to comment on my post. Yes, Ms. Straus, your explanations and quizzes are extremely user friendly and lots of fun. You are not only achieving your goals, you exceed them in many cases. Thank you again for responding.

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  1. It's really helpful to learn the rules so that you know when you're breaking them. Thank you for trying to help us learn where we can get those lessons. I need all the help I can get since I grew up speaking pidgin English in Hawaii.


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