Saturday, October 18, 2008

FEMA . . . Wha-tha?!!!

I don't normally comment on politics, religion, racial issues, and a host of other topics. I'm not political, not an activist (I leave that to those who are), and I'm not here to sway anyone's opinions or to throw mine out in the stratosphere for interpretation, misinterpretation or dissection.

However, I had a chance to see first hand some of what FEMA issued to victims of hurricane Ike. Mind you, these people were without power, water, and some were left homeless after the hurricane. FEMA issued ?food?, ice, and water...right? FOOD is enclosed in question marks for a reason. The ?food? they issued consisted of a restaurant sized take-out plastic container with the following individual sized:

* 1 - can of Pringles chips, pizza flavored no less
* 1 - bag of chocolate chip cookies
* 1- cup of apple sauce
* 1 - RedHot Pickled Sausage (the length of a ball point pen and as round as my ring finger)
* 1 - round red & white peppermint candy
* 2 - packs club crackers (each containing two single crackers), that's 4 narrow crackers
* 1 - a single-serving package of "Salad Toppers" - Albacore White Tuna
* 1 - forkspoon or spoonfork...whichever; 1-flimsy napkin; 1 - Lemon scented moist wipe; 1 - itsy-bitsy thing of salt and 1 - of pepper.


Here's the kicker...right on the front of the Albacore Tuna package it says, Salad Toppers...Tops Off Your Salad. The back of the package says..."Top off your favorite salad greens for a quick, delicious and healthy meal!" (The exclamation point is on the package, not my finnagelings).

I've got opinions coming out my ears on this one, but then my post would take too much space. I just wanted you to see what FEMA issued to hurricane Ike victims.


  1. interesting, diabetes would be out of luck with that kind of food. we all need to have some emergency food storage around the house to rely on in case of something like this. I can understand your feelings.

  2. I worked for the American Red Cross for years. I can guarantee you that any Disaster team I went out with, or helped organize from our office did a much, MUCH better job than that.

    That is disgusting! Even kids would turn up their noses at something like that.

  3. I was disgusted before with FEMA. Now I'm even more so.

  4. I'll never get over FEMA's response to Katrina! So sad. And billions of dollars pour out of our country daily ...for what?


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