Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another Detour On The Road To The Starting Gate

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Last week was major, starting the very first thing Monday, which began with me having to cook a big huge gigantic meal for more people than usual. There were helpers cutting trees and limbs, moving and stacking said trees and branches, checking the roof for damages from hurricane Ike, and on and on and on. They had to make sure all the debris got put out for the heavy machinery guys who were zipping around like mad little robots picking it up and loading it into humongous trucks.

Boy, could those guys eat! I guess I would too if I worked that hard in the heat. Anyway, I kept the hot meals coming, they kept working. Mostly, they kept eating, anything and everything I prepared. At the end of each day, there was no time for my usual blogging or anything else technical. Most days, mr.dellgirl would ask for the computer to research something "more important" than what (he says) I was doing. How could I refuse a request like that!?

Wednesday I sorted through some files and found notes, hand-written by my daddy. He had compiled a complete list of his 12 siblings' names, birth dates and death dates. "Good lawdy, 13 kids!" Needless to say, this reminded me I planned to create a family history, my kids have lots of questions about their family history.

Taking a page from Lin, I formulated (in my mind) how to proceed with it when I could get to the computer and work uninterrupted. I got the opportunity Saturday while the menfolk were otherwise occupied and would not be coming back for a while.

I spent every spare minute Saturday and Sunday transcribing Daddy's notes into a journal-like-webpage. With his notes neatly typed and in place, I remembered some pictures I have and uploaded those to the page. It's looking very promising.

I now have the beginnings of a family history website for Daddy's side of the family - a long way from a finished product, but it is started. It is set to 'private', not ready for public consumption yet, since I have no earthly idea what I am doing. I might finish it and I might not. For now, the basic part is done.

When I have whipped it a bit more into shape, I might publish it . . .

. . . some of you might be relatives of mine. Wouldn't that be great!

© 2008 by Leona G. Shankle - All Rights Reserved ▪ Dell Girl Publishing


  1. wonderful, sounds like you are making progress on several fronts...more important? indeed nothing is more important than preserving your family history. let me suggest you print off a copy of what you have so far and make a new notebook with family info just in case your computer looses what you've so carefully typed in. then you will a start on publishing this info for your family.

    inputting it is the first step but it isn't complete till it's shared. christmas is a great time for family history giving. too bad you don't have two computers. i love my laptop. we both have computers then we can at least be in the same room together as we work on projects. keep going leona!

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