Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now

I picked up my new glasses today. When the gentleman first stuck them on my face I had to re-adjust them, he had them kind of crooked. Then he proceeded to ask if everything was okay. It was. I couldn't see anything well when I walked in the place anyway. It took a minute or so for my eyes to adjust to the new prescription.

I wasn't quite used to them yet so, I ventured to look all around at the different places where there were things to read. Some I could see right away some I had to stop, wait a bit, and then the writing came through loud and clear.

He explained that it would take a few days for me (my eyes) to get used to the new prescription. He said not to drive home in them, to wear the old ones to drive back. I said okay, didn't see any need to explain that Jordyn was driving and I was simply a passenger.

A lady came over explaining that he was needed by a gentleman over there, guess the one waiting on me was the "head honcho" today. He left to go help the man. The lady sat across the table from me, removed my new glasses, and proceeded to adjust the little "doo-hickey" that rests on your nose, the little plastic thing.

"I'll adjust this a bit," she said twisting as she spoke, "they (the glasses) are sitting a little low on your nose."

They seemed fine to me, fit like a glove. I never had a pair that felt so good on the first go 'round. She finished adjusting and stuck the glasses back on my face. I had to re-adjust them. She had them on crooked. Maybe my head isn't on straight or something. Maybe my ears are crooked. Whatever it is, both people tried and ended putting my glasses on lopsided.

"Oh, I guess you would know how to put them on," she said, barely able to contain her indignation. I repeated what the gentleman had said about not driving home wearing them to her. She picked up a test paper, held it in front of me and pointed to the very last line of writing. It was about a 6 point font.

I looked at her and asked, "What? Read that?" She nodded yes. I looked back at the paper and read the line with ease.

She put the paper down, "If you can read that, you can drive home." I said okay, didn't see any reason to tell her I wasn't driving. I suppose I could easily have stopped all this talk about driving if I wanted to. Oh well, it made for a good little bit of interesting interaction there for a minute.

I put my old glasses back on my face, put my new ones in the case, gathered my belongings and headed off to find Jordyn.

At home I switched the old for the new and got busy adjusting. The gentleman was right, it was definitely strange for a while. By the time I finished my "to-do" list and sat down at the computer, I was used to having them on and ready to find out how well they worked when it came to the written word.

I can see so clearly now I wonder how I ever got anything done before. There's no need for 'head-tilting-eyeglass-adjusting' at all. From every angle, every word on the screen is as clear as day. All afternoon and into the evening, I work. My left hand often finds its way to my glasses before I realize, I don't need to do anything. I can see just fine, perfectly in fact - for the first time in a long long while.

Now, all I have to do is see if these new glasses make me write any better or any more. I really do need to get that second book done.


  1. full speed ahead Captain, now that you can see where you are

  2. Do you think you could see your way clearly to give the young lady at the eyeglass center a slight adjustment in her customer service technique? Sounds like she could use a little work on them. I'm afraid I would have started to giggle at her indignation. I'm rarely ever offended by someones surly attitude, but almost always amused by it.

    It must be like the sun streaming in your bedroom window, eh? The beautiful, beautiful gift of good vision restored. Hooray for you!!


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