Monday, September 1, 2008

Hello Friends, Happy Labor Day!

Oooo yea! Summer's over, summer for school being out, that is. It's the last day of August. Well, actually it's early morning of September 1st. For all intents and purposes though for kids and teachers, summer IS over. Even though calendar-wise it is not over.

Hi to all my friends. I hope you had a good weekend and that today, Labor Day is a good one for you. Especially those who are threatened by Hurricane Gustav, like we are here in our area.

Although a good portion of my weekend was spent making and approving or dis-approving plans and arrangements for my mom to either stay put or evacuate, she's in another town. I'm trying to take care of all this via phone while keeping my eyes on weather conditions so I can be prepared myself. All arrangements worked out nicely. Everything is in place. We are all fine so far.

I will visit all later in the day. have a good one. I'll see you later.

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  1. interesting when weather affects our plans for the day. good luck with it all.


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