Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Get-'er Done Tuesday

Although the past week has been rather hectic, today proved more so than all of last week. So many irons in the fire, so much to do - all important and urgent. The most time consuming of the lot is "bill paying". Even with the system I've worked out, it still takes more time to pay bills than I like. I said all this before, though. So today and some of tomorrow, I've got to get that done.

First thing tomorrow though, I have Bible class. After that I'll come back and finish the bills. Hopefully I can finish early enough to get back to blogging. I miss you guys. When I do get back to blogging I'll come by to visit everybody.

Hope all has gone well since I last talked to each of you. I'll see you as soon as my pudgy little fingers can get the bills done. Good night and nice dreams to all.

Oh yes! I googled the story about the drug-addicted boy calling the police on his parents. There was nothing recent, all the stories were old. They were of the same general theme as the one I heard, but too old to be on yesterday's news. Oh well!


  1. Have a nice rest, Leona. Getting those bills done are always a chore, aren't they?

  2. bills and bible study, an interesting combination. i manage to do some scripture study yesterday-hurrah on life after death...fascinating topic. I have most of my bills on auto pay off my debit card and that makes it so easy....we'll be here waiting when you return....carpe a diem. sieze the day....


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