Saturday, August 16, 2008

No Business Saturday

My daughter, Jordyn in "How "bout That".

Where did the week go? Where have I been? Why have I not posted in so long?

Wheeew! It's been busy around here, so busy in fact, I lost track of time. Everything was fine until yesterday. About 1 pm yesterday, after quite a lot of much needed rain, it started to "feel" like Saturday. Really feel like Saturday. Once that got a grip on me I was hooked, jaunted merrily along like it was Saturday. Didn't realize it was Friday instead of Saturday until bedtime. Oh well, so much for thinking it was the wrong day. It happens.

Jordyn was (is) in another stage play, "How "bout That" Friday and Saturday night. It is a stage play written and produced by up and coming new writer/producer, Donnetta Amos. "How "bout That" is a comedy about the Baldwin family whose rich, snobby children plan a birthday party for their impossible to please, tyrant mother, Johnnie Mae.

Jordyn was spectacular as usual on stage, according to the extremely biased mother-writer-blogger-person writing this. One minute she had the audience laughing hysterically and the next there wasn't a dry eye in the house, people everywhere - sobbing and crying. How would I know? I couldn't see for wiping my eyes, laughing and crying. How? I heard them ... either laughing loudly and deeply or sniffling and sobbing sadly as they (we) struggled through Jordyn's on-stage pain. The play was as promised - a wonderful comedy.

There, that's my first review. Too bad they're not paying me to say this. Don't some people get paid for reviewing "things"? Haha heehee, I couldn't rsist that.

I'll visit all of you later. Take care.


  1. Whoa11 I had no idea you had a beauty queen for a daughter!! And, evidently a very talented one at that. I wish she were performing closer so I could laugh and cry with the rest of the audience.

    My son gave me a clock for christmas a couple of years ago that it sounds like you could use. It simply says... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. It's almost comical how much Wayne and I have come to rely on that silly thing to keep us abreast of what day it is.

  2. well you got an extra day this week and a proud moment as a mother. it's great to see your kids excell and feel that maybe you played a part in their success. congrats.

  3. yes, proud mama, thanks for all the kudos. funny thing...tonight in that "on-stage pain" scene, although the audience was larger, there was such a dead silence...super thick silence. but for one moment i was suspended in time, and i heard sniffles from throughout the theatre. that was the first time that had happened. in a strange way i took that in and it gave me more pain because in that moment i knew even more just how sad of a story it was for others to experience. THEN, when it came to the dance, well the laughter was about a 9.8 on the richter. they just looooved the "motorcycle"!!!!!

    we had fun. its all over now. its so weird as an actor, we should have attachment disorder...all the stops and starts, starting anew each time, building a new family, falling in love with that new family, and then saying goodbye. over and over again. its truly a strange way to live. maybe that has to do with why we have been labeled as "crazy." its enough to drive you insane, breaking bonds for a living. hmph. more play down. i learned a lot and as you got to see, i grew a lot as an artist since you saw me on stage in may. what fun.

    well thanks for all your love and support. now i am going to journey into your room so we can talk about tonights show.

    luv ya!!


  4. Jordyn's play sounded awesome and I can see there's going to be no stopping her now. From her comment below I see that she is also an excellent writer. Gracious! You are a talented family.


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