Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nothing Lasts Forever

I read a blog yesterday by a young man who longed to go back to Scotland where he was born. He’s planning/hoping to go back home when his youngest child goes off to college in two years.

His blog immediately started me thinking of a few times I longed to move back home to the tall piney woods of East Texas. The last time I actively thought of going back home was during the late 90s when our baby child left to go to college. I didn’t get to go back though.

I was also reminded of some things from childhood that I miss. Thinking about it and looking back, I realize there are a lot of things I miss from those bitter-sweet days. When I concentrate only on the good times, the first thing I remember fondly is having so much fun, I didn’t know (or care) how po’ we really were.

It simply didn’t matter that we were po’. Everybody we knew was too, so nobody stood out above the rest financially. Truth be told, we were so poor, we didn’t know that the word had another “o” and an “r” at the end. We were just plain old  - - PO’- - Period.

As po' as we were, I miss is the carefree days of playing non-stop in my grandma’s huge yard. First, there was the game of running up and down Mama Leona’s tall steps to her front porch. We’d run up the steps, across the front porch, and jump off the porch across a giant Hydrangea flower bush. Up and down and back again we ran…again and again until we were caught by the grownups, they made us stop it.

Then, we would go play under the plum tree patch, the peach trees, pick blackberries, or try to get some muskiedimes (proper name: Muscadine) from the giant tree in the chicken yard. These are just a few of the things I remember from childhood.  Oooo, these are precious memories. I am so glad I read that blog yesterday.

I’d better go now, or else I will not get this finished and published. Do you remember or miss anything from your childhood? What is your fondest memory of growing up?

I will be around to see you soon. Have a good weekend.

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  1. I wrote a book about that called "Looking Back at the Good Old Days" with my grand parents. It's fun to recall those days and blog about them...they are gone but the memories last forever!

  2. It sure is fun to look back at the good old days and remember the fun and good times, Lin. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read.

  3. You have an interesting blog.
    As for my childhood, there was bad stuff, but I prefer to remember the good stuff.
    I especially enjoyed skating on my roller skates, something I received for Christmas when I was a little girl.

  4. Hi there, gigihawaii. Thank you so much for stopping by and for leaving the lovely comment. There were bad things in my childhood too, but I also like recalling the good times. There were no sidewalks for us to skate on, so didn't learn to roller skate. It sure looks like a lot of fun though.

  5. Awww... I love this post. When I separated in 2007 then divorced in 2009 I wanted to move back to Delaware or Maryland. I was a young girl in Delaware and a teenager through adult in Maryland before moving to Upstate New York. I've been ready to leave Georgia for quite some time. I really like it here, but Maryland is expensive and I don't have a typical job so transferring would not mean a raise.

    Sometimes when I'm driving through certain parts of Georgia there are long roads with trees lining each side and the highways are really wide. The only thing you can see is the other side, the center that normally has flowers and oh so green grass, and the trees on the side. It makes you feel like you're in the middle of a beautiful wilderness. I just want to stop and spread a blanket in the grass.

    In Delaware, I used to ride the bike up and down the hills like it was going out of style. It seemed like I never was tired and I had a lot of friends to play with.

    Here I miss not being able to see old friends and family. I see them talking on Facebook about things they're doing together and my family having reunions I'm never able to attend.

    Wait, this is getting very long. Maybe I need to write a post about it. That's a good idea. Can I link back to you? :-)

  6. It's a plane ride and has its expenses, but the past few years I've been visiting my childhood neighborhood. It's in NYC, so it's one of the reasons I go and I don't spend my whole time there, but I love the trip down memory lane.

  7. Hi Petula. Yes, you may link to me anytime. Thanks for this lovely comment, I really appreciate that. You've got me ""trippin'-down-memory-lane" again with the playing and bike riding. Oooooo, this is so good!!

  8. Hi Medeia, good to see you. You're right about plane trips and expenses and, it is good that you get to visit often. I'm glad you got a chance to stop by, thank you for reading and for leaving such a nice comment.

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  10. Blessings.......
    I can't say that i reminisce to go backward, truth is life in many ways was too damn rough however I do think that there are moments, specific people that I would have loved to express my gratefulness to with the knowledge I now have that didn't quite come into being and full comprehension then. The most I can do with those knowledge's is to live a life with a standard that honor those lessons and people.

  11. I know what you mean about being poor. We didn't even know we were poor because we lived on a sugar plantation where everybody was poor. Our fathers all worked for the sugar plantation and we lived in a home rented from the plantation. When I first saw carpeting in a house, I was shocked. It seemed so impractical. Still, I miss those days when we didn't worry about burglars or evil lurking around corners. Kids could walk everywhere on their own. We ate fruits off the trees without knowing if they could harm us. Sigh...

  12. childhood memories i love are having tons of acres of woods to run through. Being able to eat all kinds of berries off trees and wild grapes, pears and apples, mullberry trees, elderberries, YUM !!
    Being able to lay on the warm road and no cars would come...

  13. Great reflections and thoughts indeed. Best wishes!

  14. Hey, Leona. I am finally getting by to see you. Love the blog look Beautiful. Christopher has had some health challenges and I am just not able to visit my blog pals. This hit home for me. I'm from the Keys and need to go and visit. I miss my old stomping grounds. I like walking down Memory Lane. :-)

    How are you? Your mom? That good looking grandson? I always love when you come to visit at my blog. I am almost ready to unveil my new one. Wish me luck. xoxo


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