Monday, April 6, 2015

Another Quiet Sunday Afternoon

Easter Sunday’s weather was mostly cloudy and pleasantly cool, not much sunshine. I slept in just a little bit, not much. Grandson left on Friday to spend the weekend with his dad. Mama left going back to my brother’s (also on Friday) and I really would have preferred to stay in bed all day long to catch up on some much needed rest.

I got up only because I had decided the night before not to cook and, I had to figure out what I would eat for the day. Thoughts of rotisserie chicken, caesar salad, golden corn-on-the-cob, mac & cheese, and King’s Hawaiian rolls already cooked from Kroger danced around in my head.

Domino’s pepperoni pizza, bacon cheeseburger pizza, and a tasty oven baked chicken-bacon-ranch sandwich were second on my list for things to eat that I did not have to cook. I didn’t feel like getting dressed to go to Kroger. So, Domino’s pizza it is! I called and placed my order for delivery.

That takes care of what to eat. Now, I can concentrate on enjoying this lovely cloudy Easter Sunday resting up from my duties as caregiver.

I love, love, love, quiet Sunday afternoons! This one is perfect for so many restful things. Sitting propped-up on my bed with my laptop to blog will be so much more fun since I don’t have to cook. Now, if that pizza delivery guy would only hurry up and get here, I can begin my pizza feast. With dinner ordered and on the way, I was ready to relax.

How was your Easter Sunday? What did you do all weekend? Did you do anything fun and interesting? Would you care to share? We’d like to hear all about it. 

Have a great week everyone! 


  1. Blessings......
    Sometimes you gotta take the breaks where you can get them.....

    I trust you enjoyed your pizza & sandwich.

    Have a blessed week my friend.

  2. we had leftover pizza from Sat cause I didn't want to cook either...after all the company of the week before.

  3. We went to the Oregon Coast and a Cheese Factory Tillamook that is, you would have thought that the people who were there that the place was going to go out of business, busy busy and more busy, people let their tiny twins run into others and throw their much needed food on the floor while the Mom did nothing, I thought she was from Mars, the dad apologized and offered to pay for it, the company refreshed the many burgers the twins threw on the floor, I guess there is no school on how to parent these days, the twins just two years old and the lady let them run wild, I caught one before he knocked himself in the head on the table side, he almost needed stiches the Dad was frantic, my hubs of 41 years held him and administered some type of ice pack the restaurant offered, the kids were wild..We had a two year old that was very rambunctious and I watched her like a hawk, we just would leave a place anyplace if she erupted into running, I picked her up and to the car we went or for a little walk, she could have hurt herself and others, 2 years old is too young to know what to do, these boys were adorable but WILD..we got our meal for free both of us, and they were not cheap by any means the manager of the restaurant was so Happy we caught the one little tyke and made sure the Dad got the other she said whatever you want to dine on is on us, wow whee I got the chicken fried steak with mashed spuds, green beans, biscuit gravy and a marionberry pie with ice cream for dessert, the couple was long gone and they opened up another area and we dined in peace and quiet..By the time we got our meal the place became deserted, we never realized they were closing early due to Easter..we dined leisurely and went our merry way, Easter is no holiday in coastal towns anymore, we celebrated Passover and do each year..I agree most sundays are a day I just totally chill, we always get take out and my hubs reads and relaxes and I do the same, one has to have something to relax and have for just themselves! You are a caretaker that can take a big toll on one's mental health hoping you get many sundays to relax and regroup, happy Passover and happy spring to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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