Monday, November 25, 2013

Who Tha’ Bleep is Dan Perrin?

It is very irritating to find  this same type of letter in the mailbox every week  (sometimes several times a week) literally frightening old people out of their money. Here is how it begins ...

  The recipient's name and address have been changed to protect the innocent. 
RED markings belong to Dan Perrin.

 Does anybody know Dan Perrin?  Has anyone heard of Dan Perrin?  Have you heard of Dan Perrin’s organization, the Seniors Center @ P.O. Box 96692 – Washington, DC 20090-6692?

After much urging and begging and such, here's how the letter ends. Well, almost ends because there's a lengthy PS. 

Somebody help me! I ~dellgirl~ need all the help I can get before I do something stupid.  I have been known to ‘shoot-myself-in-the-foot’ a time or two.  I've even gone so far as to ‘cut- off-my-nose-to-spite-my-face’ because of a little pimple on my nose. I am now in the process of figuring out what to do about Dan Perrin’s constant and frequent solicitations for money from old people, starting with my mom.

So, before I get started calling this man a bunch of ugly names and besmirching his reputation, I want to know if you have heard of him.  Let me know real soon,   before I post about how I really feel about what he's doing to old people.  Soliciting donations for fake charities is shameful. And, using scare tactics about losing social security benefits three or four times a week borders real close to the edge of elder abuse, in my opinion.  

Okay, enough already! I’m just wondering, what are your thoughts on groups and organizations coercing or deceiving old people out of their hard earned money? I’m ready to put an end to this harassment!!!


  1. good luck with your impossible task...this is spam!

  2. This is TERRIBLE. We had an old friend who got swindled of all her money by people like this man. You need to report this to the post office.

  3. Blessings.....
    well they have down graded to us mail, they have been 419 Scams and the like on the internet for years. I guess they figure the older population not on line so they targeting via mail.

    Isn't some bureau you can turn these letters into and see if they can track "Dan Perrin" lord knows some poor unsuspecting seniors were already conned out of their social society.


  4. Hi Leona ! Give 'em all ya got I say ! Let 'em have it ! I think there must be nothing more despicable than targeting senior citizens for scams. Dan Perrin ? Never heard of him !

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !

  5. Having the same issue. I can't find this outfit on the internet to get a phone number or e-mail address. It will be worth the stamp to mail a letter telling them to take my mom off the mailing list. She went into the hospital in early December (is fine now), but I found out she gets about 30+ solicitations every day. So far I have called/e-mailed 192 of them. I did not know there were so many fear mongering PACs in existence, and yes, they seem to prey on the elderly.

  6. Bottom line: Dan Perrin would rape his own mother for a $5 bill. Dan Perrin is a racketeer, engaged in organized crime.

  7. My mother in law has been sending them money because she us also convinced they are taking away her social security! Dis you ever get this under control? In am at my wits end!

  8. My 92-year-old mother-in-law recently moved in with us and of course her mail was forwarded to us. We knew she was pissing away money on scammers, but the scammer mail (now filtered from her) is amazing. One of the scammers is The Seniors Center in D.C. with their absurd assertions that they are actually doing something to save Social Security, etc. They include a business reply envelope that is prepaid for the recipient to donate money, so I take it and stick it on a brown-paper-bag-wrapped paver stone or piece of 2x4 and send it back to them. They have to pay first-class postage on whatever I send them. Just my contribution to their "effort." (And thanks to Abbie Hoffman for that idea.)

  9. I found the telephone number for this Scam company! It took a lot of work, but I found it on some legal documents posted by this group called CREW, who complained to the SEC about Daniel Perrin to the SEC.

    I can tell you, the way they sound out those junk mails that it is _impossible_ to find out who is behind these scams, and what their contact information is to get them to stop. Luckily, I found those legal documents. I called the phone number, which is for some lawyers office, and they said that could take my name off of "all of the mailing lists" that they have!

    If this is bothering you, you can do the same. Here are the details:

    If you are getting junk mail from:

    The Seniors Center
    HSA Coalition
    The Common Sense Coalition
    Daniel Perrin

    call this number: (202)-785-9500

    They say that it takes 3 months to take your name off of the list, but I am so ecstatic that I finally found a way to ask them to please stop.

    1. Called your number and was redirected to Engage USA at 301-631-1010. I was told it would take 3-4 months to get the name removed from the mailing list. I pointed out to the Seniors Center has been identified as a fraud and that by processing their collections they were complicit in the fraud. Not sure it did any good.

  10. I just mail back their prepaid envelopes with nothing in it. At some point they will get the message

  11. received a letter today asking for $17.00 and a petition for saving social security from congress taking money from SS account. Look him up and found out it is a scam. Posted on Facebook so everyone can see.

  12. They got smart and now have a website...check it out. I still think it's just a way to get money out of older folks. The amount of junk mail they send is ridiculous.

  13. My 88 year old mother has been scammed out of thousands this year already.She was convinced her s.s.benefits are going to be cut off of she doesn't help these crooks.What recourse do we have to get money back.


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