Thursday, June 13, 2013

No Caption Needed. . .

 A beautiful sunset speaks for itself!

One of the most amazing sights in this whole wide world is the majesty of an evening sunset.  The beauty of God's creation has always been a source of inspiration for me, so I've enjoyed the exquisiteness of the setting sun my whole life. 

Many times life's problems overwhelm us, daily routines keep us busy to the point of distraction, and many people often take a simple sunset for granted. Life's difficulties sometimes prevent us from being aware of life's simple gifts. At times like this, a beautiful sunset is often overshadowed by our daily struggles.

Trying to describe a beautiful sunset to someone is pointless, sort of like trying to retell a dream. It’s a gift from God, a treasure to behold. There is so little time to capture the awesomeness of a setting sun that I simply watch and marvel at its magnificence. What a spectacular way to end a busy day!

Enjoy the beauty.

© 2013 -dellgirl


  1. I like to get up early while the morning is still cool and enjoy beautiful sunrises in the quiet. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm getting ready to publish book #5 on Discover Your Voice After Divorce...

  2. Blessings....
    absolutely agree, i have a whole slue of photos.

    its been a you doing?

  3. A glimpse at a sunrise calms my morning grumpy mood during the school year when I'm rushing. The sunset prepares me for the eve and any peek at a gorgeous sky and sun rays always makes things better.

    You're right - there are no "real" words to describe a sunset.

  4. Oh yes! That is very beautiful, indeed!

  5. While homeschooling, a sunrise helps me get a fresh start on the hectic day. And I write better earlier. So beautiful, Leona! And you're right. It is indescribable. God's handiwork. Amazing. Did you take the picture? :-)


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