Monday, August 15, 2011

Hot in Houston!

Photo by dellgirl

4:00 PM Sunday August 14, 2011, the dashboard thermometer says...


And so it goes here in Houston, it's been this way quite a while. Some places around us get trace amounts of rain. We get 2 teaspoons, once in a blue moon.


  1. wow that is hot. It's only 102 here but little humidity. I'm taking a trip to Iceland soon where the high temperature is in the 50s. COOL!

  2. Argh!!! It's been cooling off in Ohio the past week and it feels like fall is here!

  3. You're right. That is HOT ! Denver is also dry and I think we reached a pitch of 100 degrees late today. It's hot enough for me. I agree about the distractions- self-inflicted or otherwise. When they're gone it's sweet silence and I can think again. I never miss the TV. I'm not sure I watch even 1 hour a week. I'd rather either read or write. My most major dilemma is getting my reading done so I can write. ; )

    Try to keep cool !

  4. Hasn't the heat been crazy? And the humidity is way over the top. I got in my van one day and it read 105 degrees and I did a double take. That was the first day I was happy to see 98 degrees.

    Try to stay cool and outta of the sun. You know it's bad when I give thanks for good air conditioning! :-)

  5. It's hot here BUT we really are barely behind on rainfall..we're fortunate as tow years ago, we had a 10 year drought fuinally ending.

  6. Hey Leona! It has been cooling off here in NC. Yesterday it was low sixties. And it got darned chilly over night.

    Even on our hottest day it may have been over 100 a few times, but not much. That's hot!

    We have been getting some needed rain.

    How are you, Leona? Hope all is well. :-)

  7. Oh wow! That's just plumb awful. My daughter sent me a photo of her car dashboard a couple of weeks back too. At least it's cooling down in Illinois. I sure hope you guys get some relief soon.

  8. Honey, thats' a mess! I feel for you! It's been hot here in Detroit this summer, but that Texas heat is a force to be reckoned with.


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