Monday, January 5, 2009

Searching for Wilkins Family Descendants

I am a descendent of: Katie Loubertha & Frank Mason Wilkins

They were from Campti, Louisiana or Colfax, Grant, Louisiana. Katie Loubertha (Harper) Wilkins was born around October 1879. She and Frank Mason were married in 1898. I do not know Frank Mason's DOB yet.

My father was Hermes (Hermise) Mason Wilkins who moved to Jasper, Texas as a boy and lived there until his death in 1988.

I am searching for descendants of Katie Loubertha & Frank or of their children.

Children born to: Mrs. K. L. Wilkins and F. M. Wilkins as follows:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Alvin C. Wilkins - born July 25, 1899. Died June 29, 1900.
Gwendoline Alberta Desire Wilkins - born Easter Sunday, April 7, 1901.
Chauncey M. Depew Wilkins - born November 26, 1902. Died October 1973.
Murat Halstead Wilkins - born Tuesday September 13, 1904. Died January 6, 1975.
Jervey DeForrest Wilkins - born December 23, 1906.
Frank Mason Wilkins Jr. - born Sunday July 11, 1909. Died Sunday August 8, 1909.
A baby boy – born and died Saturday July 7, 1910.
Zenobia Wilkins - born Thursday July 11, 1912. Died Tuesday December 31, 1912.
Elmer M. Wilkins - born Wednesday. March 5, 1914. Died February 3, 1970.
Addie Lily Jennie Wilkins - born Tuesday. June 27, 1916.
Hermes Mason Wilkins - born Thursday. July 25, 1918. Died September 3, 1988.
Scipio Nesbert Mason Wilkins - born Friday June 24, 1921. Died July 6, 1970.
Richard Keatts Wilkins - born March 24, 1924. Died Sunday June 22, 1924.
Please contact me if you are a descendant. You may post any information you have in the comments section. I appreciate any and all information as I have started a Wilkins Family website and have very little to go on.

I look forward to seeing how this goes.


  1. try a google search for your family with the oldest member "full name" birthdate birthplace and check out the hits you get. another way to research more is checking censuses in or heritage quest through your local library. have history is a blast!

  2. Good luck, Leona. This sounds very exciting.

  3. this is clifton m. wilkins jr. grandson of chauncey m. wilkins sr. i live in west lafayette,in call me 913 9578920 all frank mason wilkins desendants. thankyou.


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