Monday, January 26, 2009

Reblock Yourself the Polly Frost Way


• Blogaholism. Do you plot out your day so that it will generate as many blog postings as possible?

• Twitteritis. Did you Twitter this morning as you made your morning coffee? And then later as you trimmed your toenails?

• Reviewing Addiction. Do you spend every lunch hour pumping up your ranking as an Amazon reader-reviewer?

• RSS Dependency. Did you simplify your life by subscribing to RSS feeds only to discover yourself spending more time than ever commenting at blogs?

• Status Update Disorder. Have you made plans to self-publish a collection of your Facebook Status Updates?

If so, you’re almost certainly suffering from from one of the great underdiagnosed ailments of our time. That’s right, you may well have ... Unblocked Writer Syndrome.

But not to worry. The solution is at hand. READ MORE

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  1. this is too funny...enjoyed reading her suggestions to unlock your inner critic, etc. lol-great ideas if you are addicted to writing writing writing.

  2. ps if you have more than one blog-does that mean you are addicted? just wondering. lol


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