Monday, September 1, 2008


I don't normally like to "go-off-half-cocked". But, I'm diving in this one head first. Today, while trying to stay abreast of the latest on Gustav, I heard a news brief that has me perturbed disconcerted and down-right disgusted. They only presented the brief "coming up next" and never gave the full story. Left me hanging dangling wondering, what's missing. Am I not getting the entire picture? Something is wrong with this picture.

Enough venting. got me about to jump up on my "high-horse" without a saddle. Here's what I heard...

A California (I think) couple had handcuffed their drug-addicted son while he slept, put him in the car, and proceeded to take him to re-hab. He asked to use the restroom along the way and called the police to report them. THEY were handcuffed and arrested.

Anybody else hear this? What am I missing? As soon as I finish this post, I'm digging further into the WHOLE story. I need the "rest of the story". Then I can self-righteously climb upon my mighty "high-horse" and rant and rave to my heart's content.

MORE LATER, if I can (as Mama Leona used to say) get the straightening of this.


  1. Good grief! I didn't hear about this but I'll be looking forward to seeing what you find out.

  2. ok, sounds the couple who kidnapped their daughter so she wouldn't marry a guy they didn't like. Depends a lot on the age of the son, but there are other tactics to use. She took them to court and won mental health treatment for her mom, in the meantime she married and now has a child who is kept from his grandparents it was a loosing situation for all.


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