Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Literacy Site - Don't Forget To Click Everyday

Before I start off on some totally insane rant about some mundane nothing, I want to invite all to support literacy.
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Free Ways to Help

At The Literacy Site, there are many free ways you can help children in need get free books.

Click every day.

Did you know you can click once a day, every day at The Literacy Site? That's 365 chances each year to help a child have a book of his or her own.

You may also link to the literacy site from your website so visitors to your site can click to help the cause.

Link to us.

Another great way to spread the word about The Literacy Site to others is to post a link to us on your website, your company's website, in your personal or work blog, in your outgoing e-mails — it's up to you!

Thank you for reading this far. Remember to click every day.


  1. hmm, interesting-wonder how that all works. have heard about another site to feed rice to the needy.

  2. I clicked and I linked. :) I've always wondered how it works too, but it doesn't cost me anything to click to support.


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