Friday, August 29, 2008

I Have The Answer To My Html Question

I have the answer to my question about Html code, found it accidently while trying something on my own.

If I could I would explain it but, I can't. I just learned it myself. Maybe after I use it and it works I can explain it to someone else.

After I use it a few times and get used to it I will become more familiar with it and be able to share it.


  1. Glad you found the answer to your ques about Html code

  2. That worked fine. Now for the rest of it.

  3. I figured out BOLD and ITALICS.

  4. Now BOLD AND ITALICS together?

  5. you are loosing it, answering your own

  6. Good for you, Leona! I'm learning as I go also. I've got a lot of questions also.


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