Friday, August 8, 2008

Hi To All My Friends - Happy Friday & Good Weekend

Hello Kay, Lin, Jo, Mare, Petula, and Momcaryn, my good friends and blogging buddies here at blogger.

Hi to all of you and how are you today? I'm getting a late late start here and in the time it will take me to come visit you all and comment, it will be even later. I wanted you all to know I'm thinking of you. I will come by your place as soon as my fingers can click and my sometimes blurry 4-eyes can manage.

Hi and happy Friday to my good friends at livespaces, JoAnn, Caroldee, RamblingOn, Cindy, Sarita, Life Cruiser, Queen of the Castle, Rissa, Patricia, Patche, Teresa, Sherri Cov., and Burrwood. Hi to Writers Ink and Phyllis Turner also. Hi to my new friend Flo. Happy Friday to you, my good blogging buddies. I'll see you later.

And, hi to you, Jordyn and Shortie2tall. Hope things are going well.

Happy Friday and have a good and fun weekend.


  1. Hellooooo to you, as well. Thanks for keeping us updated. It feels nice to be rememebered!

  2. And HI! to you, too, Leona! I'm sorry I'm not able to blog so much lately either. We've been so busssy with our granddaughter and planning for our trip to Japan. Everybody's going to Japan and it's really a trick to get affordable accomodations. Awful!

    Thank you for remembering us! You're such a kind and thoughtful person. I wish you lived next door.


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