Thursday, July 31, 2008

"The Well-Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman

I bought "The Well-Fed Writer" at a half-priced bookstore. I bought it believing I will finally learn something about the business of freelance writing. The front cover promises "Financial Self-Sufficiency as a Freelance Writer in Six Months or Less."

Just what I need, a guide. Since I have no knowledge about freelancing this book will tell me what it's about, how to get started, what the requirements are, and how much money I am going to make. Oh yeah! Haha and LOL and such. Just kidding. sort of.

The front cover also indicates that this book is "A detailed roadmap to freelancing success, brimming with nuggets of practical advice delivered in an enthusiastic, casual style. If you're serious about writing for fun and profit, you MUST buy this book!" according to Bev Walton-Porter, Editor, Bookstop and also found at, The Writer's Resource.

Seriously, I have done a quick-read, scanning for facts. What I have read so far definitely lives up to the introduction.

Now, I will go back with an open mind and read more deeply for comprehension as to what I can put to use for myself from the book, to see if freelancing is a possibility for me.

Happy reading to me.


  1. Happy reading! I have found that if you can pick up 3 things from a book that is helpful, it was well worth the effort. I already know what a good writer you are, Leona. I'm sure Peter Bowerman will enhance the gift you already have.

  2. Where can I be fitted for my cheerleading outfit??

    You, GO GIRL!!! You certainly have the natural it's just finding a way to let publishers know so that they'll get your work out where more people can be entertained and uplited by it.

    Keep us posted on what you learn and how it's going.

  3. please share what you find out...thanks, lin


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