Monday, July 28, 2008

Website Updated

Rather than the restful lazy Sunday I had planned, I spent the better part of the afternoon and early evening updating my website. I hadn't touched it since I finished it in . . . what? . . .April? May?

I realized a month or so ago that it was just sitting there, stagnant - not very? (ummm?) finished. So, today I jumped in, head first, and started updating. I started with my newsletter sign up process. That went well, had to call my computer son after I did it to make sure what I did was okay. "Yes", he said. Then he did some tweaking on his end and "bwaa-laa", the newsletter sign up process is done.

The only thing missing now is getting people to sign up for it. Hint, hint, hint. Blatant huh? Visit my site Dell Girl Publishing and leave me a comment or two about it. I would love to hear from you - only have one requirement . . .Don't be mean.

After that I made some other corrections and changes. Ironically, each change lead to another and on and on. Finally had to make myself quit, like now - I have to stop for the night.

I'll see you in the morning.


  1. okay, just realized i signed up for your weekly newsletter and only got it 2-3 times. you know you could just have the newsletter on your blog. not sure of the purpose of having people sign up other than getting their email address. maybe that's why they are reticent to sign up? it's interesting how one change leads to another, kind of like our lives...

  2. me again, i went to your third website but didn't comment there because i didn't want to sign into another blogging system. i feel that 3 websites by leona or anyone else is too much to keep track of and would suggest combining at least two of them.

    i would go nutty trying to keep track of three's a technique to try when feeling frazzled or peabrained-morning pages-just type/write 4 pages single spaced-freely about your feelings until they's from Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. well, got to run. take my suggestion or leave it, just an idea which you asked for...


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