Monday, July 14, 2008

Thy Mother's Keeper?

Or Just Plain Nosey?

This post is totally out of place here as this is supposed to be my business blog - about important stuff like writing, or about passing along helpful tips and other At The Starting Gate related information. So, knowing that I make this post anyway. I know you will understand.

Somebody near and dear to me, who shall remain nameless - for now - took this picture. Why? Only she knows why for sure. Suffice it to say (I heard that ?stupid? phrase somewhere and thought I'd toss it in here) she did. Then her 4 feet 11 inches-tall-hundred-pounds-soaking-wet-self had the nerve to show it to my older brother and sister-in-law. E-v-v-verybody had a big big laugh. The deal was, we were talking about eating healthy, what we eat versus what we should eat.

Zip, flip, 1-2-3, and the camera flies out of her purse at warp speed! The pictures are then displayed passed about like a beachball on Galveston Island in the summer, complete with commentary on each and pauses for emphasis.

The fact is, that this is my stuff in MY bedroom in my house. What am I supposed to do when I get hungry at night? After normal eating hours? Starve? I don't think so! Not when a few Cheez-Its or a hand-full of chocolate covered peanuts would lull me right on back to sleep like rocking a baby in a rocking chair. Shoots, a half Twinkie at 2:30 am is the best thing known to mankind for 2:30 am hunger-pains. Then there's no more growling stomach, no awful cramping intestines screaming at me, "eat, eat, you're hungry".

It's not like I'll eat all of it in a day or two. Heck, this batch will last a whole week and a half or so. There was a time I could eat the entire package of either one. And, I did - lots of times. Times have changed! Now I only eat a few - to quiet the rumbling.
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  1. how funny, what a photo and self expose as you are posting this and opening up yourself to ridicule from the rest of us who never eat after 7 pm ala orpha's advice and sleep like a baby on a hungry stomach....well, my husband and i have been known to have a bowl of cereal with a banana after the late night news before going to bed....but don't tell anyone.

  2. That's hilarious. Your nameless friend/family member/nemesis?? has a wicked sense of humor. And a tough, strong arm method of getting her point across. VERY effective. Well... maybe not. Do you still have the remaining twinkies and choc covered peanuts in your bedroom?

    I stick a jawbreaker in my mouth. They last for freakin EVER and keep me from tossing a handful of M&M Almonds between my teeth.

    My sister told me while we were staying with her that when I get the munchies at night, it's because I'm THIRSTY not because I'm hungry. So, I'd go grab a small bucket of ice water to try and calm the inpulse to chew, and she went in the kitchen and filled a plate with cookies to satisfy her growling tummy. I know she was just afraid I'd eat the last Lemon Ginger Snap.

    I wish carrot sticks, hard boiled eggs, and yogurt with cottage cheese and sunflower seeds could fill the belly beast. But, it seems to take something considerably tastier... or maybe I should clarify that and say, sweeter.

  3. Eat, drink, and be merry...and for each of us it is probably a different bill of fare! Enjoy!!

  4. Thanks, mom/caryn. It's good to know I'n not alone in this, not that it would stop me if I were. I read or heard somewhere that people like me who eat at night have something missing in their lives. Needless to say, I threw that out real fast. Never to visit it again. The only thing missing in my life when those hunger pains hit is "FOOD". Whoever has the time can analyze me till they are blue in the face, I'm fine the way I am -- take it or leave it to them. I think they're just jealous they can do it withour getting really really fat or heartburn or something. Looks like I'm getting up on my "high horse". Better quit.

  5. AHEM...well well well, here i am! i caught you!!! going on and on, justifying your bad habit! tsk tsk tsk - shaking my head. i wonder why a stomach growl at 230am cant remain, well, just a stomach growl. hmph.

    and mom/caryn is right. well her sister i think it is. the body gives off the same growls and pains for thirst. so maybe when you roll over at 3 in the morning, youre really thirsty from all the twinkies you ate earlier that soaked up all your fluids....ROFL!!

    okay, so i WAS in YOUR room at YOUR house, but IM THE BOSS! im trying to keep everyone alive and healthy. and i have called cps in for a visit. it doesnt matter that im 36, youre still my parent and there are certain guidelines that should be followed. right? oh, maybe not.

    okay so enjoy your twinkies! while you can. as you know, i will steal them and discard them >~P

    and no you didnt, "or just plain nosey?" you crack me up moms! okay so ill see you in th eliving room in about 5 minutes and im sure this will give us our daily laugh!

    luv ya

  6. by the way!! guess how i found out about this cute little "tell all" of my friends! yes, i have eyes everywhere. she emailed to ask if i read your blog that really "had me pegged." hmph, you didnt tell me about this one huh? well i guess im gonna have to check this page more often to see what kind of reputation youre giving me. did you tell your blog friends that its hard work keeping you guys healthy?! it wears me out friends...signed: YOUR DAUGHTER, the nosey one, you know - the unappreciated one - who happens to care if you choke on a chocolate covered peanut in your bed in the midnight hour, when i cant get to you in time to resuscitate you!


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