Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Tuesday

Before I start visiting everybody, just the biggest hi and how are you to all of you. By the time I get around to all of your places and spaces to speak to you, read your posts, and comment, it will be late. But, know that I am thinking of you NOW.

Hello to my friends here at blogger. Hi Kay, Lin, Jo, Mare, Mom/Caryn, and Petula. See you all later.

To my spaces live friends, Good morning, JoAnn, Caroldee, RamblingOn, Cindy, Sarita, Life Cruiser, Queen of the Castle, Rissa, Patricia, Patche, Teresa, Sherri Cov., and Burrwood. Hi to Writers Ink and Phyllis Turner also. Hope you have a good day.

And, to my friends who live here where I live, hi to you, Jordyn and Shortie2tall. Have a good one and we'll talk soon.

May today bring rest and peace to all. I'll see you all later today.


  1. wow, you sure have a lot of internet friends and the list keeps growing. fun isn't it?

  2. Hi there Dellgirl! Everybody over here sends a great big ALOHA to you!!!

  3. well hello there dellgirl. im a day late but this can serve as my big ole "HI" for tomorrow!

  4. Hello to you too and thanks for thinking of me! It has been a long time since we "chatted," huh? I was happy to see you come by recently. We have to look out for each other! :-)

  5. What a nice thing to take the time to do. Hello, Aloha, Buenos Dias..
    Thanks for including me in your list of blog buddies.



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