Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gross Writing . . .

"Gross Writing? What now, Leona? What are you up to?"
Wel-l-l-l, I'm actually sitting blank-faced in front of my computer screen wracking my brain for something interesting and informative to write today. My mind is pretty much devoid of interesting stuff, totally saturated with everything not writing-related. From things that need to be done to fun things I would rather be doing than what really need to do.
As my fingers tap tap tap lightly on the keyboard - as in "What do I do?" - I glance at today's Writing Tips. I go there, click, and search around a little and find the following article with the title:
Gross Writing Errors Found on the Web
Computers and the Internet are revolutionizing the way we create and share information. Through blogs, wikis and social networks, you can reach literally 1.2 billion of people without leaving your room.
That being said, a little attention toward correct spelling and basic grammar rules couldn’t hurt, right? Below you will find some curious, to say the least, errors that we gathered on the Web.
"You are the best mom in the hole world” - Maybe . . .


  1. if stuck, try the clustering method or just free journaling until something comes us. see Writing the natural way by Gabriele Ricco. she also has a website. it's really helped me get going when stuck.

  2. Oh dear! I hope I haven't made too many goofs in my writing. Sometimes I'm speeding along and I know I'm making all kinds of goofs. I wish the comment box would come with a spellcheck. :-)


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