Friday, July 25, 2008

From Jordyn, With Love

For the past two days I've been fighting critters, trying to hold down the home front to keep it safe from invasions of various and assorted wildlife creatures. My trusted hedge clippers have been a life-saver in both emergency situations. The hammer also played a role, did its part, took care of business when necessary.Let's not forget about my ever-present "not-very-effective" terrycloth slippers. They played their part.

In the midst of all the chaos and turmoil, life goes on. Stuff happens, things need to be done, needs to be taken care of. Somewhere in the middle of all the chaos, Jordyn sees beyond the moment. She sees a bigger picture.

Tonight, at the end of another day of "doing-what-needs-to-be-done", she comes in from her long day of taking care of her business and presents me with a reward/treat. . .

a beautiful personalized thank-you card and "Twinkies". And, the treat?

I get to eat them without being monitored.


  1. don't you just love kids like it just daughters as i have 4 sons but some daughters-in-law. have you thought about getting a cat or dog to stand guard at the door?

  2. You have such a beautiful, loving daughter.

    My daughter does that sort of thing, too, Lin. Sons are a lot of fun but there's something about daughters that are extra thoughtful.

    But then again, there's my neighbor's son who is so incredibly thoughtful... that... never mind...

    Anyway, Leona, Jordyn is GREAT!


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