Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dell Girl - The Beginning

This is me, Dell Girl. Sometimes called DG by my daddy. I am about 11 months old, the first. - the oldest child. There are no other children, yet. Here, we are out for a Sunday afternoon stroll. Daddy was a big fan of Sunday strolls.

I am perched high atop a stack of lumber in the lumber yards at the saw mill where Daddy worked. Kurt Lumber Company it was. Daddy had borrowed a friend's camera to take pictures on this particular day. That's Mama's holding me and my bottle.

Our house is behind me and up the big hill. Daddy would put me in my "buggy" and we'd leave the house headed down the big hill towards the saw mill. Our walks were simply to stretch and look at things in nature - strangely shaped trees, wild growing flowers, and many other odd or interesting sights. Sometimes he'd take us to visit some of their friends.

On these walks, Daddy could be intrigued by a twisted tree branch lying on the ground, an off-colored rock, a strange colored tree leaf, or any number of other things.

This is my beginning.


  1. what's your earliest memory. my husband remembers back to age 3, i only remember age 5 when my dad died. fun to look at our photos as a child and try to remember our life then. isn't it amazing how we grow and then have children or our own who grow who have their children and the family tree branches out...

  2. Ummmmm...I have crossed paths with this question before and didn't think much about it. Now that I do think about it, my first memories are from when I was 6 years old - my 2nd brother was born.

  3. MORE! MORE!!!
    I want to hear the "Rest of The Story" for those of you older folks who ever listened to Paul Harvery.

    Anyway... the point here is, I want to hear more of your life.

  4. Your dad sounds like he was a very kind and wonderful man. You were lucky to have him. And you, Leona was sure an adorable baby!

  5. Very nice post and thanks for sharing that pictures... hmm, my earliest memories? Uh, I think I can remember a few things at 3 and 4. Headstart programs, being in daycare - stuff like that.

    Oh, I hope you have your maitenance taken care of soon and it isn't causing you too much headache!


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