Friday, May 2, 2008

Something Different

No tech-talk today. I need to wind down and give the old brain a rest from all the technical stuff I have bombarded it with lately. I'll start back on Monday with the technicalities.

Today I want to reflect and give prayerful thanks for my many blessings.

Here are two of my main sources of inspiration.

My daughter, Jordyn at her graduation from Howard University in Washington, DC. She is my number one inspiration and cheerleader. She always supports my many and varied projects. She is the reason I finally wrote and published my book, At The Starting Gate. Her gentle nudge kept me going, she simply stated along the way, "You can do it, Ma. You are such a good writer."

Then, there is my "num-2 son," Mike. He keeps me going with
lots of praise and hugs galore. He also inspires me but, in a dif-
ferent way. He has what I call magic fingers when it comes to music. He takes my favorite songs and does things with his fingers on the record that sends chills up and down my spine.
My everyday well-loved music becomes a work of art after he has finished (what I call) "touching" it.

So, for now, I am almost wound-down.

"Num-1 son" is another source of inspiration and encourage-ment. He the technical director behind all that I have learned and all that I am able to accomplish with websites, blogs, and such. I don't have his permission to display his pic but, I couldn't leave this post today without giving him his accolades.

With that said and this post for today done, I end with.

All thanks and all the glory goes to God, without him none of this would be possible.

Until next time.

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  1. Congratulations to Jordyn (I love the name and spelling.)! You've got two wonderful kids who would make anyone proud.


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