Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Creative Aside

I left Friday night taking a break from technology, said I would be back Monday reporting and explaining everything (technical) I learn along the way.

That didn't happen. I got side-tracked - again. Technical problems assailed galore Friday night during my "I'm giving thanks and signing off from technical things" moment.

In the meantime, I have been un-voluntarily volunteered to make this spring/summer time wreath for a friend's front door. I have had the wreath base for three weeks. I'm trying to imagine what a spring/summer wreath looks like. Nothing comes to mind. Only computer stuff emerges.

I sat the wreath base out where I could see it, imagined what all could go on a spring/summer wreath. Then, I got someone (neutral) to go with me to pick out the different elements to fill out the thing, ergo, the daisies, fruit, greenery, etc. We picked the best of what was available. At the store everything looked so nice, once I started putting it all together - it was a different story.

Anyway, I'm not satisfied with it. But, I am almost finished with it. The friend I made it for simply said, ... "What ever you do is fine with me." Tomorrow or the next day, I'll re-arrange everything, get second opinions (from my network-the 3 consultant kids), then make my final decision and arrangement.

I haven't had a creative juice flowing through my body for a long long time. I can't even remember the last creative thing I did. Was it jewelry making, decorating something - what?! Computers and technical things are the dominant force right now.

It is not good when the creative juices are not flowing and there is something creative that needs to be completed.

I see I need to schedule - again.

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