Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reduced to Whining

I started my post earlier, got side-tracked by a phone call, had to stop dead in the middle of posting. Thought I could do the phone request quickly and get right back to my blog. Wrong! Not a multi-tasker, I mishandled something, got even more side-tracked, lost my way. Everything I had done up to that point - obliterated, gone, zapped - I return to a blank screen.

The annoying little-blog-assistant- helpmate at the bottom of the page says, "Now Blogger saves your drafts automatically!

Well, where's my stuff?

I start clicking around trying to find all that wonderful information I'd typed in earlier. Nothing. Nowhere to be found. Nothing but a title. With a big white blank space below it. I clicked on everything on the screen, tabs at the top, sub-headings, items on the menu, tabs on top of the post page, and everything across the bottom of the screen.

The silly-yellow-alledged-little-helper still states, "Now Blogger saves your drafts automatically! Even has the nerve to have an exclamation point behind it. Like that means something. It lies!

It won't fool me again, and don't you be fooled either. Save your work as you go along. Having learned that lesson the hard way in the first place (back when I first started using the computer), you would think I would know better.

This is not even close to what I had in mind to post today. I started out well-intentioned. My purpose was to pass along some interesting technical information I had learned to others. That didn't work out.

Now here I am, reduced to whining and sniveling. Blithering on about my trials and tribulations with that lying-little-trecherous-supposed-help-mate, the one that's supposed to save my work automatically. I don't like being reduced at all. It's demeaning.

I'd better go before I lose the last of my dignity here.

Until tomorrow or later or whichever comes first.

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