Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Giving Up on Giving Up

Everytime I think I'm done here something happens to bring me back. This time it is the kind and touching comments from a fellow-blogger, Musings- http://www.travelerswife.blogspot.com/. Now that I know somebody out there feels me, I have to stay.

Thank you, Musings.

Now to report on what I'v accomplished while I was away. To be more exact, I created and started my website first, then this blogspot (which as you know gave me trouble untold). I also started another blog at http://1dellgirl.spaces.live.com/. That blog was supposed to take the place of this one since it did not work for me. Now that I have the two, and feedback and input from Musings, both seem to work fine. AND, they have become unexplainably linked together.

That works for me. Perhaps now I can stop concentrating on not being able to find myself and get on with the business of providing that all-important-writing-advice-tips-and-how-to-information that I started all these sites for in the first place.

Some of my writing tips and help can be found on my website at http://www.dellgirlpublishing.com/. There are articles and information on various writing categories and also a subscription to my free newsletter on my blog at http://www.writingresource.base10.co.in/.

I hope I haven't left anything out, probably have. But, I haven't really had the time to re-group from all the tech-no-set-backs.

Now that my two blogs seem to be synchronized I'll get right to that - pronto.

Talk later.

Thanks again, Musings. You saved the day.

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Musings said...

Hi "At the Starting Gate!"
It was all my pleasure to be sure. Your websites are pretty darn incredible. I'm still a baby when it comes to blogging. Incredibly, it's "Jerusalem Hills" in Israel who coaxed me to get started but I'm learning in fits and starts. I'm thrilled to have a friend in Texas.

Musings said...

Leona, I just tried your writing resource website. Wow! That's incredible. You are very kind to help others improve their writing skills.