Thursday, August 14, 2008


Most of last week and the last few days this week have been extremely busy - productive - but busy. So far, I have updated my website and blogs a bit. All that is going well, slow, but pretty well.

The website has been finished for quite a while but is nowhere near what it should be because of all the other things I must do now in order to market, promote, and sell my book, At The Starting Gate. There is still a lot to do to make the website one I can look at and say, "WOW, This is great!"

So, for the promised update, I have also:
  • added side-bar elements to some blogs
  • removed elements from others
  • updated information on some
  • added or improved site or page headers either here or there
  • synchronized posting dates and times
  • made a conscious effort too keep content relevant to its location

There's more but I see I'm treading dangerously close to passing on TMI.

Before I bring this to a close for the day, I want to say a special hello to all my blogger friends. In case I don't get to visit you early today, know that I will as soon as possible (what with the technical stuff I need to complete today).

Hi there Kay, I'm loving the continued updates on how you're getting settled in Hawaii. Hey there Lin, I missed you lots while you were gone. Glad you're back. Hello to my new friends Momcaryn, Jo, and Mare; I am really enjoying the new friendship with you three. And, hi to Petula. Hope you all have the best of weekends. Rest relax and enjoy!

I'm not sure if my friends have time to visit here at blogger but, just in case you do, hello to all of you also. Hi and have a wonderful weekend to Shortie2Tall, JoAnn, Rambling On, Life Cruiser, Sarita, Caroldee, Cindy, Queen of the Castle, Patricia, Flo, Teresa, Burrwood Sherry, Patche, Rissa, SherriCov, and WritersInk. Also hi to Phyllis Turner and Chocolate Matters. I hope you a restful relaxing day today and the same for the weekend.

Bye bye for now. See you all soon.


  1. hi, i just got my mini mac to work...YAHOO!! without two many problems but now to hook up the scanner. I love my new mini, got rid of my huge and noisy cpu so now i have more room on my desk to do things like get organized and work neater...hopefully.

  2. Oh this is great i will spend some time here catching up on all i missed here.


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