Friday, July 18, 2008

At The Starting Gate Website Updated

Mid-morning I had a tutoring session. Afterwards I spent the afternoon updating my website. I haven't done a thing to it since I finished it in April, so it has been sitting idle looking sad and forelorn. Maybe I should say forgotten. Each time I opened it to make sure all links still worked and worked properly I thought, "I need to do something about this site."

I needed to get the blogs functioning correctly and that took quite a while. Mainly because I probably went a little too far with the blogging. Maybe I should have made one nice functional blog about my book. I could have used that to toss in a tidbit of other stuff now and then.

The mini-update is done, a photo gallery to soothe the savage beast when things get stressful.

Hope you'll visit and enjoy DellGirl's Photo Gallery.

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  1. I really enjoyed seeing all your photos. It made me feel like you lived right next door. You have a very beautiful family!


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