Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blogging-For the Birds or Am I Just Stupid

  • Some people should not be allowed to blog. I might be one of them, I don't know. There should be a test of some kind that lets people know if they are blogworthy or not. The test would consist of questions like:
  • You were not trying to put your "bullet up there by the word "some". You hit the bullet function key after "like:" and this is what happened - What do you do?
  • 1. Sign out and start over?
  • 2. Search all night for a cancel function button, which does not exist?
  • 3. Scatch your head and mumble nasty things under your breath?
  • 4. What?
Feel free to send me a comment? That bullet thing threw me all the way off my game. I refuse to whine!

This is not what I intended to blog about at all. It is just what happened after I hit the bullet function key.

Just tell me what you would do. I'd be interested to know.

Whew! Good-night.


  1. Oh my, I sure do sympathize but then again, I still can't figure out a million things on my computer....much less my blog. But I'm slowly learning. Emphasis on the word SLOWLY.

  2. hi got your link off musings...i've been blogging since last nov and don't know how to do bullets. so let me know when you find out...lin in utah, my husband's from gatesville texas.

  3. Hi, lin. Good to meet you. So glad you commented. Now, I have myself a new friend.

    Those bullets are semi-accidental and, it would take 2 pages to explain. But, the bullet function button is on the tool/task bar across the top of the compose page (near left, center, right function buttons)

    There's 1 for numbers and 1 for bullets. Don't know yet how to do it correctly.

    We'll talk again later.

  4. thanks will investigate. lin

  5. i did some bullets on my blog today, it was easier than i could imagine....hmm.

  6. OK, lin. Since you said that, I'll give bullets another try. Thanks for letting me know.


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