Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Uploading Pages to Website

My time away has been well spent. I created and published my third newsletter while I was away the last few days. Normally, I would have to wait for my very busy daughter to proofread, edit, upload, and publish them to my website -

Taking my own advice, I gave it all a try alone. Writing was relatively easy. Proofreading, though, is a strange invention. One handles a piece of work so much that little mistakes become impossible to detect. We're reading the piece with our thoughts concentrated on what we intend to say. Therefore, we miss little things that need to be changed.

After everything is complete and as professional looking as possible, I am ready to post the newsletter to my site. With Tuesday as my previously agreed upon deadline for publication to the web, I am already a day behind. I gathered my courage, took the bull-by-the-horns and set out to upload and publish it myself without bothering anyone.

I found my pdf file copy of the newsletter, opened the design suite of my web program, and immediately felt the tingly little flutters starting up in my stomach. Their first words were, "Uh-ooo, I forgot what she told me to do. I don't remember how she said to make this Adobe file get over here in the website."Those little buggers have kept me imobile and doing nothing for more years than I care to admit.

I answered them back, "Not today, guys. I'm trying this. Even if I have to delete this whole thing and start again. I am trying this."

I ignored the flutters, worked myself slowly through the maze of searching for what I needed and applying it. With the jitters sitting quietly on the edge of my computer monitor waiting to pounce if I faltered, I maneuvered my way through.

I uploaded my pdf file to my web design page and published my newsletter to my website - alone. It feels good to have done it myself.

Way to go Dell Girl.

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